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Kobelco Swing Gearbox

Kobelco Slew Drives and Swing Gear BoxesGet a Final Drive quote

Complete slew drives or separate excavator swing drives & slewing gear boxes

  • New slew drives for most Kobelco Machines available from stock
  • Thousands of swing gear parts available for immediate despatch
  • Let us quote to repair your swing drive

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Light Equipment
Model Serial Number Slew Drive Assbly Slew Motor Swing Gear Box
Acera Series 27SR PX13-33001 ~ PM15V00020F1
30SR PW14-45001 ~ PX15V00024F1
35SR PX15-20001 ~ PX15V00024F1
Model Serial Number Slew Drive Assbly Slew Motor Swing Gear Box
SK Series 50SR PJ06-08001 ~ PY15V00012F1
SK014 PU00750 ~ S19031-07200
SK015 PU02001 ~ (For Japan) Without P.B. S19031-12700 S19039-02600 S19129-02900
SK015 PU02001 ~ With P.B. S19031-12800
SK024 PV02600 ~ S19031-09500
SK024 PV00003-PV02536 S19031-06500
SK025 PV04301-PV06200 S19031-13200 S19031-13200
SK025-2 PV06201 ~ PV15V00001F1
SK030 PW03001 ~ S19031-13100
SK030-2 PW04401 ~ PW15V00001F1
SK035 PX01201 ~ S19031-13000
SK035-2 PX02101 ~ PX15V00001F1
SK04-2 LW7801-LW8644 24100J6254F2 2441U556F1 24100J6221F1
SK04L-2 LX1401-LX1422 24100J6254F2 2441U556F1 24100J6221F1
SK115SRDZ-1E YY04-06001 ~ YX15V00002F3 YX15V00005F3 YX32W00002F2
SK135SRLC-1E YH04-03001 ~ YX15V00002F3 YX15V00005F3 YX32W00002F2
SK135SRLC-2 YH05-07001 ~ YY15V00021F1 YY32W00004F1
SK13SR PE01-00101 ~ PE15V00001F1
SK15SR PU07001 ~ PU15V00005F1
SK15SR PU06001-PU07000 PU15V00005F1
SK17SR-3 PU09-08001 ~ PU15V00019F1
SK200SR YB04-02301-YB04-02550 YB15V00001F2 YN15V00025F4 YB32W00001F1
SK200SR-1S YB04-02301-YB04-02550 YB15V00001F2 YN15V00025F4 YB32W00001F1
SK200SRLC LA04-01501-LA04-01625 YB15V00001F2 YN15V00025F4 YB32W00001F1
SK200SRLC-1S LA04-01501-LA04-01625 YB15V00001F2 YN15V00025F4 YB32W00001F1
SK25SR PV07 ~ PV15V00010F1 PV15V01001F1 PV15V01003F1
SK25SR PV12001 ~ PV15V00010F1 PV15V01001F1 PV15V01003F1
SK25SR PV01001 ~ PV15V00010F1 PV15V01001F1 PV15V01003F1
SK25SR-2 PV08-20001 ~ PM15V00014F1
SK25SR-2 PV09-22001 ~ PV15V00017F1
SK27SR-3 PV10-27001 ~ PM15V00020F1
SK40SR PH04-02801 ~ PH15V00007F1 PH15V00011F1 PH32W00004F1
SK40SR-3 06/04 ~ PY15V00012F1
SK45SR PY06-01 ~ PY15V00004F1
SK45SR-2 PJ02-00101 ~ PY15V00007F1 PY15V00010F1 PY32W06004F1
SK45SR-2 PJ03-01001 ~ PY15V00007F1 PY15V00010F1 PY32W06004F1
SK55SRX PS02-00101 ~ PY15V00014F1
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Model Serial Number Slew Drive Assbly Slew Motor Swing Gear Box
SR Series 30SR PW03501 ~ PW15V00011F1
30SR PW010105 ~ PW15V00011F2
35SR PX08-06501 ~ PX15V00008F1 PX15V01001F1 PX15V01004F1
35SR PX08-06501 ~ PX15V00011F1 PX15V01007F1 PX15V01004F1
35SR PX05001 ~ PX15V00008F1 PX15V01001F1 PX15V01004F1
35SR PX05001 ~ PX15V00008F1 PX15V01001F1 PX15V01004F1
35SR PX06500 ~ PX15V00011F1 PX15V01007F1 PX15V01004F1
35SR PX06500 ~ PX15V00011F1 PX15V01007F1 PX15V01004F1
50SR PJ06-08890 ~ PY15V00012F1
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Model Serial Number Slew Drive Assbly Slew Motor Swing Gear Box
SR-2 Series 30SR-2 PW08-20001 ~ PW15V00016F1 PW15V01020F1 PW15V01019F1
30SR-2 PW08-20001 ~ PX15V00018F1 PX15V01011F1 PW15V01019F1
30SR-2 PW10-22001 ~ PW15V00016F1 PW15V01020F1 PW15V01019F1
30SR-2 PW10-22001 ~ PW15V00016F2 PW15V01020F2 PW15V01019F1
30SR-2 PW10-22001 ~ PX15V00018F1 PX15V01011F1 PW15V01019F1
30SR-2 PW10-22001 ~ PX15V00018F2 PX15V01011F2 PW15V01019F1
35SR-2 PX09-08001 ~ PW15V00016F1 PW15V01020F1 PW15V01019F1
35SR-2 PX09-08001 ~ PX15V00018F1 PX15V01011F1 PW15V01019F1
35SR-2 PX11-08901 ~ PW15V00016F1 PW15V01020F1 PW15V01019F1
35SR-2 PX11-08901 ~ PW15V00016F2 PW15V01020F2 PW15V01019F1
35SR-2 PX11-08901 ~ PX15V00018F1 PX15V01011F1 PW15V01019F1
35SR-2 PX11-08901 ~ PX15V00018F2 PX15V01011F2 PW15V01019F1
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Model Serial Number Slew Drive Assbly Slew Motor Swing Gear Box
SR-3 Series 17SR-3 PU08-05001 ~ PU15V00019F1
27SR-3 PV11-30001 ~ PM15V00020F1
27SR-3 PV12-31001 ~ PM15V00020F1
30SR-3 PW12-40001 ~ PX15V00024F1
30SR-3 PW13-42001-42402 PX15V00024F1
30SR-3 PW11-30001 ~ PX15V00024F1
35SR-3 PX13-15001 ~ PX15V00024F1
35SR-3 PV11-30001-30393 PX15V00024F1
35SR-3 PX13-15001-15682 PX15V00024F1
35SR-3 PX14-17001-17514 PX15V00024F1
35SR-3 PX12-11001 ~ PX15V00024F1
35SR-3 PX12-11001-12803 PX15V00024F1
35SR-5 PX15-20658 ~ PX15V00024F1
50SR-3 PJ05-06001 ~ PY15V00012F1
50SR-3 PJ04-03001-05152 PY15V00012F1
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Model Serial Number Slew Drive Assbly Slew Motor Swing Gear Box
SR-5 Series 27SR-5 PV13-33453 ~ PM15V00020F1
30SR-5 PW14-46519 ~ PX15V00024F1
35SR-5 PX15-21105 ~ PX15V00024F1
50SR-5 PJ06-09807 ~ PY15V00012F1
Heavy Equipment
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Model Serial Number Slew Drive Assbly Slew Motor Swing Gea Box
ED Bladerunner Series ED150 Tier 3 YL06-01201 ~ YY15V00021F1 YY15V00019F1 YY32W00004F1
ED150 YH02-01384 ~ Please Call Please Call Please Call
ED150 YL04-00501-00554 Please Call Please Call Please Call
ED150-1E YL05-00555 ~ YY15V00004F2 YX15V00004F3 YX32W00002F2
ED150-2 LH01-01001 ~ YY15V00021F1
ED160 LH02-01501 YY15V00022F1 YY15V00019F1 YY32W00004F1
ED180 YLU0001 ~ 24100J16122F3 2441U804F1 24100J16328F3
ED190LC YL02U0101-YL03U0135 YM15V00002F1 YN15V00002F4 YM32W00001F1
ED190LC-6E YL03U0136-0292 YN15V00002F4 YN15V00025F1 YM32W00001F1
ED195-8 YL04U-0301 ~ YM15V00004F2 YM15V00006F1 YM32W00008F1
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Model Serial Number Slew Drive Assbly Slew Motor Swing Gear Box
K Series K903-II LE6601-7871 2441U533F1 24100J6267F1
K903-II LE7872 ~ 24100J10812F1 2441U789F2
K903A K2748-3928 24100J2253F1
K903B LE3401 ~ 24100J4291F1 2441U312F2 24100J4290F1
K903C LE5701 ~ 24100J6266F1 2441U533F1 24100J6267F1
K904-II YW1114-YW1642 24100J9087F6 2441U762F1 24100J9088F6
K904-II YW1643 ~ 24100J9087F7 2441U762F2 Please Call
K904-II YW0101-YW1118 24100J9087F6 2441U762F1 24100J9088F6
K904D LW5801-LW6117 24100J4603F1 2441U312F2 24100J4606F1
K904D LW6118-LW7303 24100J4603F2 2441U312F2 24100J4606F2
K904DL LX1201-LX1263 24100J4603F2 2441U312F2 24100J4606F2
K904E LW7801 ~ 24100J6254F2 2441U555F2 24100J6221F1
K904EL LX1401 ~ 24100J6254F2 2441U555F2 24100J6221F1
K904L-II LX1501-LX1536 24100J9087F6 2441U762F1 24100J9088F6
K904L-II LX1537 ~ 24100J9087F7 2441U762F2 Please Call
K905 LP0004-LP0554 Please Call 24100J3879F1
K905 LP0601-LP1600 24100J3879F1 2441U355F1 24100J6728F2
K905-II LP2401-LP3407 24100J6469F2 2441U747F2 24100J9434F1
K905A LP1601 ~ 24100J6254F1 2441U556F1 24100J6221F1
K905ALC YP0301 ~ 24100J6254F1 2441U556F1 24100J6221F1
K905LC YP1282 ~ 2441U747F2 24100J9434F1
K905LC YP0115-YP0301 24100N3450F2 2441U348F1 24100J6728F2
K905LC-II YPU00001 ~ 24100J6469F3 2441U748F3 24100J9434F1
K905LC-II YP1001-YP1281 24100J6469F2 2441U748F2 24100J9434F1
K907-II YN2956 ~ 24100J10739F2 2441U790F1 24100J9301F5
K907C LN4201-LN4914 24100J4605F1 2441U349F2 24100J4604F1
K907C LN4915-LN5124 24100J4605F2 2441U349F3 24100J4604F2
K907C LN5125-LN5468 24100J4605F3 2441U349F4 24100J4604F3
K907C LN5469-LN7000 24100J4605F8 2441U349F7 24100J4604F3
K907CLC YG0101-YG0136 24100J4605F1 2441U349F2 24100J4604F1
K907CLC YG0137-YG0160 24100J4605F2 2441U349F3 24100J4604F2
K907CLC YG0161-YG0196 24100J4605F3 2441U349F4 24100J4604F3
K907CLC YG0197-YG0500 24100J4605F8 2441U349F7 24100J4604F3
K907D LN7001 ~ 24100J6173F1 2441U547F1 24100J6175F1
K907DLC YG0501 ~ 24100J6173F1 2441U547F1 24100J6175F1
K907LC-II YQ0565 ~ 24100J10739F2 2441U785F1 24100J9301F5
K907LC-II YQ0101-YQ0564 24100J6672F1 2441U758F1 24100J9301F1
K907LC-II YQU0001-YQU0400 24100J10739F2 2441U785F1 24100J9301F5
K909A LQ0795 ~ 2441U476F1-F7 Please Call
K909LC-II LL1488 ~ 24100J10740F2 2441U786F1 24100J9351F2
K909LC-II LLU-0001 ~ 24100J10740F2 2441U786F1 24100J9351F2
K909LC-II LL1207-LL1487 24100J6349F3 2441U741F1 24100J9351F1
K912-II LC-2301 ~ 24100J10325F2 2441U784F1 Please Call
K912A LC-2003-LC-2016 24100J6740F2 2441U683F1 24100J6739F2
K912LC YC-0301-YC-0737 24100J10325F2 2441U784F1 Please Call
K914 LR.0143-LR.0192 2441U190F3 24100J8314F2
K914 LR.0193-LR.0324 2441U190F3 24100X533F4
K914 LR.0325-LR.0336 2441U190F3 24100X533F6
K914 LR.0339-LR.0344 2441U190F3 24100X533F6
K914 LR.0347-LR.0354 2441U190F3 24100X533F6
K914 LR.0337-LR.0338 2441U190F3 24100X533F8
K914 LR.0345-LR.0346 2441U190F3 24100X533F8
K914 LR.0355 ~ 24100J8315F2 2441U726F1 24100J8314F2
K916 LS0007-LS0032 24100J4648F4 2441U656F1 24100J4649F2
K916 LS0033 ~ 24100J4648F6 2441U656F1 24100J4649F4
K916-II LS0201 ~ 24100J10432F1 2441U775F1 24100J10363F2
K916LC YS0119 ~ 24100J4648F6 2441U656F1 24100J4649F4
K916LC-II YS0201 ~ 24100J10432F1 2441U777F1 24100J10363F2
K935 L70106-L70166 B41N0022F2 24100X397F2
K935 LU0067 ~ B41N0022F2 24100X397F2
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Model Serial Number Slew Drive Assbly Slew Motor Swing Gear Box
MD Series MD140BLC YP1001-YP1281 24100J6469F2 2441U747F2 24100J9434F1
MD140BLC YPU0001-YPU0300 24100J6469F3 2441U747F2 24100J9434F1
MD140C YPU00501 ~ 24100J11722F5 2441U962F2 24100J11681F3
MD140C YPU0301-YPU0500 24100J11722F4 2441U828F1 24100J11681F1
MD180LC YG0647 ~ 24100J6173F1 2441U549F1 24100J6175F1
MD200BLC YQ0565 ~ 24100J10739F2 2441U785F1 Please Call
MD200BLC YQU0001 ~ 24100J10739F2 2441U785F1 Please Call
MD200BLC YQ0101-YQ0564 24100J6672F1 2441U758F1 24100J9301F2
MD200C YQU0701-YQU2000 24100J11091F5 2441U804F1 Please Call
MD240BLC LL1488 ~ 24100J10740F2 2441U786F1 24100J9351F2
MD240BLC LLU0001-LLU0300 24100J10740F2 2441U786F1 24100J9351F2
MD240C LLU00601 ~ 24100J11720F4 2441U786F1 24100J13483F2
MD240C LLU00301-LLU00317 24100J11720F3 2441U786F1 24100J13483F1
MD240C LLU00318-LLU00335 24100J11720F2 2441U786F1 24100J13483F1
MD240C LLU00336-LLU00600 24100J11720F4 2441U786F1 24100J13483F2
MD300LC YC0101-YC0300 24100J6740F5 2441U683F1 24100J6739F3
MD320BLC YC0301-YC0747 24100J10325F2 2441U784F1 Please Call
MD400LC YS0101-YS0200 24100J4648F6 2441U656F1 24100J4649F4
MD450BLC TS0201-TS0394 24100J10432F2 2441U777F1 24100J10363F4
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Model Serial Number Slew Drive Assbly Slew Motor Swing Gear Box
SK - Dynamic Acera Series 200-8 YN11-45001 ~ YN15V00036F1 YN15V00035F1 YN32W00022F1
SK130 LPU1001-LPU2000 24100J11722F5 2441U963F2 24100J11681F3
SK130LC YPU1001-YPU2000 24100J11722F5 2441U963F2 24100J11681F3
SK160LC YM02U0101 ~ YM15V00002F1 YN15V00002F4 YM32W00001F1
SK160LC-6E YM03U0523 ~ YM15V00003F1 YN15V00025F1 YM32W00001F1
SK170 Tier 3 YM15V00008F1 YM15V00006F1 YM32W00009F1
SK170-8 Tier 3 YM04-U1601 ~ (before date 16/07/07) YM15V00004F1 YM15V00006F1 YM32W00004F1
SK170-8 Tier 3 YM04-U1601 ~ (after date 16/07/07) YM15V00004F2 YM15V00006F1 YM32W00008F1
SK170-8 Tier 3 YM07U1901 ~ YM15V00004F3 YM15V00006F1 YM32W00008F2
SK170-9 Tier 4 YM08U2000 ~ YM15V00008F1 YM15V00006F1 YM32W00009F1
SK200 YN23624-YN25868 YN15V00002F2 YN32W00002F2
SK200 YNT0003-YNT0151 YN15V00002F2 YN32W00002F2
SK200-6 YN30001 ~ YN15V00010F1 YN15V00002F4 YN32W00004F1
SK200-6ES YN10-38001-YN10-41732 YN15V00026F5 YN15V00025F4 YN32W00004F1
SK200LC-6 YQ3501 ~ YN15V00010F1 YN15V00002F4 YN32W00004F1
SK200LC-6ES YQ10-05501-YQ10-05981 YN15V00026F5 YN15V00025F4 YN32W00004F1
SK210-8 Tier 3 YQ12U4800 ~ YN15V00036F3 YN15V00035F1 YN32W00022F2
SK210-9 Tier 4 YQ13U5200 ~ YN15V00054F1 YN15V00055F1 YN32W00025F1
SK210D-8 YN11-45001-YN11-48372 YN15V00036F1 YN15V00035F1 YN32W00019F1
SK210D-8 YN11-48373 ~ YN15V00036F2 YN15V00035F1 YN32W00022F1
SK210DLC-8 YQ11-06001-YQ11-06314 YN15V00036F1 YN15V00035F1 YN32W00019F1
SK210DLC-8 YQ11-06315 ~ YN15V00036F2 YN15V00035F1 YN32W00022F1
SK210LC YQ07U0101 ~ YN15V00010F1 YN15V00002F4 YN32W00004F1
SK210LC-6E YQ08U0969 ~ YN15V00026F7 YN15V00025F3 YN32W00004F1
SK210LC-8 Tier 3 YQ09U3301 ~ (Before 17/09/07) YN15V00036F1 YN15V00035F1 YN32W00019F1
SK210LC-8 Tier 3 YQ09U3301 ~ (After 17/09/07) YN15V00036F2 YN15V00035F1 YN32W00022F1
Sk210LC-8 YQ11-06001-YQ11-06314 YN15V00036F1 YN15V00035F1 YN32W00019F1
Sk210LC-8 YQ11-06315 ~ YN15V00036F2 YN15V00035F1 YN32W00022F1
SK250LC LL08U0101-LL08U0574 LQ15V00006F1 YN15V00035F1 YN32W00019F1
SK250LC LL08U0576-LL08U0606 LQ15V00006F2 YN15V00035F1 YN32W00022F1
SK250LC-6E LL09U607 ~ LQ15V00014F2 LQ15V00015F1 LQ32W00009F1
SK260 Tier 3 LL10U ~ LQ15V00023F1 LQ32W00014F2
SK260-9 Tier 4 LL14U1700 ~ LQ15V00025F1 LQ15V00023F1 LQ32W00014F2
SK260-9 Tier 4 LL14U1700 ~ LQ15VU0004F1 LQ15V00023F1 LQ32WU0002F1
SK290LC LB03U0101 ~ LB15V00007F1 24100J16661F4
SK290LC-6E LB04U0298 ~ LB15V00008F2 LB15V00009F2 24100J16661F4
SK295-8 Tier 3 LB05U0801 ~ LB15V00017F1 LC15V00022F1 LB32W00010F1
SK295-9 Tier 4 LB07U0900 ~ LB15V00017F1 LC15V00022F1 LB32W00010F1
SK330LC YC6U0101 ~ LC15V00006F1 LC15V00003F1 Please Call
SK330LC-6E YC07U0623 ~ LC32W00001F1 LC15V00003F1 24100J16661F4
SK350-8 Tier 3 YC08U ~ (Used from date 23/09/2005 - 11/05/2006) LC15V00025F1 LC15V00022F1 LC32W00007F1
SK350-8 Tier 3 YC08U ~ (Used after date 11/05/2006 - UP) LC15V00027F1 LC15V00022F1 LC32W00011F1
SK350-9 Tier 4 YC12U2401 ~, SK3501, SA3501 LC15V00027F2 LC15V00022F2 LC32W00011F1
SK40SR PH04-02801~ PH15V00007F1 PH15V00011F1 PH32W00004F1
SK480LC YS06U0101-YS06U0293 LS15V00001F1 LS15V00002F1 24100J13532F5
SK480LC-6E YS06U0294-YS06U0621 LS15V00001F2 LS15V00002F1 24100J13532F6
SK485-8 Tier 3 YS07U0701 ~ (Left) LS15V00023F1 LS15V00018F1 LS32W00012F1
SK485-8 Tier 3 YS07U0701 ~ (Right) LS15V00024F1 LS15V00019F1 LS32W00012F1
SK485LC-9 YS12U0802 ~ (Left) LS15V00028F1 LS15V00026F1 LS32W00016F1
SK485LC-9 YS12U0802 ~ (Right) LS15V00029F1 LS15V00027F1 LS32W00016F1
SK850 LY01-00101 ~ (Left) LV15V00004F1 LV15V00002F2 LV32W00002F1
SK850 LY01-00101 ~ (Right) LV15V00005F1 LV15V00002F2 LV32W00003F1
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Model Serial Number Slew Drive Assbly Slew Motor Swing Gear Box
SK Mark II Series SK16-N2-II YS0201-YS0263 24100J10432F2 2441U777F1 24100J10363F2
SK16-N2-II YS0264-YS0329 24100J10432F2 2441U777F1 24100J10363F3
SK16-N2-II YS0330-YS0350 24100J10432F2 2441U777F1 24100J10363F4
SK16LC-N2-II YS0201-YS0263 24100J10432F2 2441U777F1 24100J10363F2
SK16LC-N2-II YS0264-YS0329 24100J10432F2 2441U777F1 24100J10363F3
SK16LC-N2-II YS0330-YS0350 24100J10432F2 2441U777F1 24100J10363F4
SK400-II LS0351 ~ 24100J10432F4 2441U777F1 24100J10363F4
SK60 LE11001 ~ 24100J11943F1 2441U814F1 Please Call
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Model Serial Number Slew Drive Assbly Slew Motor Swing Gear Box
SK Mark III Series SK100 YW06501-YW07744 YW32W00004F1 YW15V00001F1 Please Call
SK100-III YW02801-YW03652 24100J11586F5 2441U825F1 24100J9088F8
SK100-III YW03653 ~ 24100J11586F7 2441U825F1 24100J9088F9
SK100-III YW04601 ~ 24100J11586F7 2441U825F1 24100J9088F9
SK100L LX10101-LX10160 YW32W00004F1 YW15V00001F1 Please Call
SK120-III LP01601 ~ 24100J11722F1 2441U828F1 24100J11681F3
SK120-III LP05201-LP05418 24100J11722F1 2441U828F1 24100J11681F1
SK120-III LP06418-LP06781 24100J11722F2 2441U828F1 24100J11681F2
SK120-III LP06768-LP06964 24100J11722F3 2441U828F1 24100J11681F3
SK120-III LP08001 ~ 24100J11722F5 2441U963F1 24100J11681F3
SK120LC-III LP01601 ~ 24100J11722F3 2441U828F1 24100J11681F3
SK120LC-III YP01801 ~ 24100J11722F4 2441U963F1 24100J11681F3
SK120LC-III YP01994 ~ 24100J11722F5 2441U963F2 24100J11681F3
SK120LC-III YPU00301-YPU00353 24100J11722F1 2441U828F1 24100J11681F1
SK120LC-III YPU00354-YPU0500 24100J11722F4 2441U828F1 24100J11681F3
SK120LC-III YPU0501-YPU1000 24100J11722F5 2441U963F2 24100J11681F3
SK120LC-III YP01990-YP01993 24100J11722F4 2441U963F1 24100J11681F3
SK120LC-III YP02019-YP02023 24100J11722F4 2441U963F1 24100J11681F3
SK120LC-III YP02026-YP02034 24100J11722F4 2441U963F1 24100J11681F3
SK150LC-III YM000101 ~ 24100J16122F2 24100J16328F1 Please Call
SK200-III YNU0001-YNU0200 24100J11091F9 2441U804F1 24100J13639F3
SK200-III YN07922 ~ 24100J11091F2 2441U804F1 24100J13639F1
SK200LC-III YN12201--YN13216 24100J11091F3 2441U804F1 24100J13639F1
SK200LC-III YN13217--YN12418 24100J11091F5 2441U804F1 24100J13639F2
SK200LC-III YN13487--YN14580 24100J11091F7 2441U804F1 24100J13639F3
SK200LC-III YN14581 ~ 24100J11091F9 2441U804F1 24100J13639F3
SK200LC-III YQU0401-YQU0700 24100J11091F2 2441U804F1 24100J13639F1
SK200LC-III YQU0701-YQU2000 24100J11091F9 2441U804F1 24100J13639F3
SK200LC-III YQ01226 ~ 24100J11091F2 2441U804F1 24100J13639F1
SK220-III LQ02701 ~ 24100J11720F4 2441U786F1 24100J13483F2
SK220-III LQU0001 ~ 24100J11720F4 2441U786F1 24100J13483F2
SK220-III LL02001 ~ 24100J13528F4 Please Call Please Call
SK220LC-III LLU0301-LLU1200 24100J11720F4 2441U786F1 24100J13483F2
SK300-III LC03201-LC03527 24100J13528F3 2441U952F1 Please Call
SK300-III LC03528 ~ 24100J13528F4 2441U952F1 Please Call
SK300-2-III LC03201 ~ 24100J13528F3 2441U952F1 Please Call
SK300LC-III YC01031 ~ 24100J13528F4 2441U952F1 Please Call
SK300LC-III YC0738-YC0815 24100J10325F2 2441U784F1 Please Call
SK300LC-III YCU0001-YCU0300 24100J13528F3 2441U952F1 Please Call
SK300LC-2-III YC00901-YC01001 24100J13528F3 2441U952F1 Please Call
SK300LC-2-III YC01002 ~ 24100J13528F4 2441U952F1 Please Call
SK400-III LSU0001 ~ 24100J13553F3 2441U777F1 24100J13532F3
SK400LC-III YS00547 ~ 24100J13553F4 2441U777F1 24100J13532F3
SK400LC-III LSU0001 ~ 24100J13553F3 2441U777F1 24100J13532F3
SK60-III LE14101-LE17595 24100J11943F2 2441U814F1 24100J14170F1
SK60-III LE17077-LE17083 24100J11943F2 2441U814F1 24100J14170F1
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Model Serial Number Slew Drive Assbly Slew Motor Swing Gear Box
SK Mark IV Series SK100-IV YWU1001 ~ 24100J11586F9 2441U825F1 24100J9088F9
SK115DZ-IV LPU5001 ~ 24100J11722F5 2441U962F2 24100J11681F3
SK120-IV LPU1001 ~ 24100J11722F5 2441U962F2 24100J11681F3
SK120LC-IV YPU1001 ~ 24100J11722F5 2441U962F2 24100J11681F3
SK130-IV LPU0201 ~ 24100J11722F5 2441U962F2 24100J11681F3
SK130LC-IV YPU2001 ~ 24100J11722F5 2441U962F2 24100J11681F3
SK150LC-IV YMU01501 ~ 24100J16122F3 2441U804F1 24100J16328F2
SK150LC-IV YMU01001-YMU01500 24100J16122F2 2441U804F1 24100J16328F1
SK160LC-IV YM02U10101 ~ 24100J16122F2 2441U804F1 24100J16328F1
SK200-IV YNU0501 ~ 24100J11091F11 2441U804F1 24100J13639F4
SK200-IV YNU0201-YNU0500 24100J11091F9 2441U804F1 24100J13639F3
SK200LC-IV YQU3101 ~ 24100J11091F11 2441U804F1 24100J13639F4
SK200LC-IV YQU2001-YQU3000 24100J11091F9 2441U804F1 24100J13639F3
SK210-IV YNU0501 ~ 24100J11091F11 2441U804F1 24100J13639F4
SK210LC-IV YQU3101 ~ 24100J11091F11 2441U804F1 24100J13639F4
SK220-IV LQ02101-LQ02196 24100J11720F2 2441U786F1 24100J13483F1
SK220-IV LQ02197-LQ02316 24100J11720F3 2441U786F1 24100J13483F1
SK220-IV LQ02317-LQ02400 24100J11720F2 2441U786F1 24100J13483F1
SK220-IV LQ02401 ~ 24100J11720F4 2441U786F1 24100J13483F2
SK220-IV LQU0101 ~ (3/04~) 24100J11720F4 2441U786F1 24100J13483F2
SK220-IV LQU0101 ~ (7/98~) 24100J11720F5 2441U786F1 24100J13483F3
SK220LC-IV LL01801-LL01845 24100J11720F2 2441U786F1 24100J13483F1
SK220LC-IV LL01846-LL01874 24100J11720F3 2441U786F1 24100J13483F1
SK220LC-IV LL01875-LL01902 24100J11720F2 2441U786F1 24100J13483F1
SK220LC-IV LL01903 ~ 24100J11720F4 2441U786F1 24100J13483F2
SK220LC-IV LLU1201-LLU1800 24100J11720F4 2441U786F1 24100J13483F2
SK250-IV LQU0101 ~ 24100J11720F4 2441U786F1 24100J13483F2
SK250LC-IV LLU1201 ~ 24100J11720F4 2441U786F1 24100J13483F2
SK250LC-IV LLU1801 ~ 24100J11720F5 2441U786F1 24100J13483F3
SK250NLC-IV LLU5059 ~ 24100J11720F5 2441U786F1 24100J13483F3
SK270LV-IV LBU0001 ~ 24100J11720F4 2441U786F1 24100J13483F2
SK300-IV LCU0001 ~ 24100J13528F4 2441U952F1 Please Call
SK300LC-IV YCU0301-YCU0610 24100J13528F4 2441U952F1 Please Call
SK330-IV LCU0101 ~ 24100J13528F8 2441U952F2 24100J16661F3
SK330LC-IV YCU0611 ~ 24100J13528F8 2441U952F2 24100J16661F3
SK400-IV LSU0001 ~ 24100J13553F4 2441U777F1 24100J13532F3
SK400LC-IV YSJ00002 ~ 24100J13553F4 2441U777F1 24100J13532F3
SK400LC-IV YSU0200 ~ 24100J13553F4 2441U777F1 24100J13532F3
SK60-IV LEJ0201 ~ 24100J11943F2 2441U814F1 24100J14170F1
SK60-IV LE17596-LE17700 24100J11943F2 2441U814F1 24100J14170F1
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Model Serial Number Slew Drive Assbly Slew Motor Swing Gear Box
SK Mark V Series SK120-V LP11001 ~ LP32W00001F1 YW32W00004F1 Please Call
SK120LC-V YP02501 ~ LP32W00001F1 YW32W00004F1 Please Call
SK120LC-V YP02301-YP02376 LP32W00001F1 YW32W00004F1 Please Call
SK200-V YNT00001 ~ YN32W00002F2 YN15V00002F2 Please Call
SK200-V YQ02801 ~ YN32W00002F2 YN15V00002F2 Please Call
SK200-V YN023301 ~ YN32W00002F2 YN15V00002F2 Please Call
SK200-V YN018001-YN22848 YN32W00002F1 YN15V00002F1 Please Call
SK200LC-V YQ02801 ~ YN32W00002F2 YN15V00002F2 Please Call
SK200LC-V YQT00001 ~ YN32W00002F2 YN15V00002F2 Please Call
SK200LC-V YQ002301-YQ002654 YN32W00002F1 YN15V00002F1 Please Call
SK60-V LE17701-LE19738 YR15V00004F1 YR15V00003F1 YR32W0002F1
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Model Serial Number Slew Drive Assbly Slew Motor Swing Gear Box
SK - SR Series 140SR Tier 3 YH05-07001 ~ YY15V00021F1 YY15V00019F1 YY32W00004F1
70SR YT05-15001 ~ YT15V00015F1 YT15V00016F1 YT32W00006F1
70SR YT01-00101 ~ YT15V00001F2 YT15V00005F2 YT32W00002F1
70SR-1E YT03-05432 ~ YT15V00001F3 YT15V00005F2 YT32W00002F2
70SR-1E YT02-04001-YT02-05431 YT15V00001F3 YT15V00005F2 YT32W00002F2
70SR-1E YT04-07001 ~ YT15V00001F3 YT15V00005F2 YT32W00002F2
70SR-1ES YT04-07001 ~ YT15V00001F3 YT15V00005F2 YT32W00002F2
SK70SR-1E YT04-07001 ~ YT15V00001F3 YT15V00005F2 YT32W00002F2
SK70SR-1ES YT04-07001 ~ YT15V00001F3 YT15V00005F2 YT32W00002F2
80CS LF05-04001 ~ YT15V00015F1 YT15V00016F1 YT32W00006F1
80MSR LF01-00501-LF01-00861 YT15V00001F3 YT15V00005F2 YT32W00002F2
80MSR-1E LF02-01001 ~ YT15V00001F3 YT15V00005F2 YT32W00002F2
80MSR-1E LF03-01280 ~ YT15V00005F1 YT15V00005F2 YT32W00002F2
80MSR-1E LF04-02001 ~ YT15V00001F3 YT15V00005F2 YT32W00002F2
80MSR-1E LF02-01001-LF01279 YT15V00005F1 YT15V00005F2 YT32W00002F2
80MSR-1ES LF04-02001 ~ YT15V00001F3 YT15V00005F2 YT32W00002F2
SK115SRDZ YY00101 ~ YX15V00002F1 YX15V00004F1 YX32W00002F1
SK115SRDZ YY02-03001 ~ YX15V00002F2 YX15V00004F2 YX32W00002F2
SK115SRDZ-1E YY04-06001 ~ YX15V00002F3 YX15V00004F3 YX32W00002F2
SK115SRDZ-1E YY03-04555-YY03-05770 YY15V00004F2 YX15V00004F3 YX32W00002F2
SK135SR YY02-03001 ~ YY15V00005F1 YX15V00004F2 YX32W00002F2
SK135SR-1E YY03-04555-YY03-05770 YY15V00004F2 YX15V00004F3 YX32W00002F2
SK135SRL LK01-01001 ~ YX15V00002F1 YX15V00004F1 YX32W00002F1
SK135SRL-1E LK03-01107-LK03-01109 YX15V00002F3 YX15V00004F3 YX32W00002F2
SK135SRLC YH00-00101 ~ YX15V00002F1 YX15V00004F1 YX32W00002F1
SK135SRLC YH02-01301 ~ YY15V00005F1 YX15V00004F2 YX32W00002F2
SK135SRLC-1E YH04-03001 ~ YX15V00002F3 YX15V00004F3 YX32W00002F2
SK135SRLC-1E YY04-03001 ~ YX15V00002F3 YX15V00004F3 YX32W00002F2
SK135SRLC-1E YH03-02097-YH03-02716 YX15V00002F3 YX15V00004F3 YX32W00002F2
SK140SRLC YH06-08001 ~ [NATA13197 ~] YY15V00021F1 YY15V00019F1 YY32W00004F1
SK200SR YB01-01001-YB01-01555 YB15V00001F1 YN15V00002F4 YB32W00001F1
SK200SR YB02-01601-YB02049 YB15V00001F1 YN15V00002F4 YB32W00001F1
SK200SR YB03-02050-YB03-02199 YB15V00001F1 YN15V00002F4 YB32W00001F1
SK200SR YB04-02301-YB04-02550 YB15V00001F2 YN15V00025F4 YB32W00001F1
SK200SRLC LA01-01001-LA01-01100 YB15V00001F1 YN15V00002F4 YB32W00001F1
SK200SRLC LA02-01201-LA02-01236 YB15V00001F1 YN15V00002F4 YB32W00001F1
SK200SRLC LA03-01237-LA03-01290 YB15V00001F1 YN15V00002F4 YB32W00001F1
SK200SRLC LA04-01501-LA04-01625 YB15V00001F2 YN15V00025F4 YB32W00001F1
SK200SRLC-1S LA04-01501-LA04-01625 YB15V00001F2 YN15V00025F4 YB32W00001F1
SK215SRLC Tier 3 LA05-02001 ~ YB15V00012F2 YB15V00011F1 YB32W00010F1
SK215SRLC LA06-02501 ~ YB15V00012F3 YB15V00011F1 YB32W00010F2
SK235SR YF00101 ~ YN15V00013F1 YN15V00012F1 YN32W00004F2
SK235SR YF01-00101 ~ YN15V00013F1 YN15V00012F1 YN32W00004F2
SK235SR-1E FY04-01501 ~ YF15V00001F2 YF15V00002F2 LQ32W00009F2
SK235SR-1E YF02-01201-YF02-01299 YF15V00001F2 YF15V00002F2 LQ32W00009F2
SK235SR-1E YF03-01300-YF03-01421 YF15V00001F2 YF15V00002F2 LQ32W00009F2
SK235SR-1ES YF04-01501 ~ YF15V00001F2 YF15V00002F2 LQ32W00009F2
SK235SR-2 Tier 3 YF05-02001 ~ YF15V00003F1 YF15V00004F1 YF32W00001F1
SK235SRLC YU01-00101 ~ YN15V00013F1 YN15V00012F1 YN32W00004F2
SK235SRLC-1E YU04-00801 ~ YF15V00001F2 YF15V00002F2 LQ32W00009F2
SK235SRLC-1E YU02-00501-YU02-00647 YF15V00001F2 YF15V00002F2 LQ32W00009F2
SK235SRLC-1E YU03-00648-YU03-00770 YF15V00001F2 YF15V00002F2 LQ32W00009F2
SK235SRLC-1ES YU04-00801 ~ YF15V00001F2 YF15V00002F2 LQ32W00009F2
SK235SRLC-2 YU05-02001 ~ YF15V00003F1 YF15V00004F1 YF32W00001F1
SK235SRNLC-1E YU04-00801 ~ YF15V00001F2 YF15V00002F2 LQ32W00009F2
SK235SRNLC-1E YU02-00501-YU02-00647 YF15V00001F2 YF15V00002F2 LQ32W00009F2
SK235SRNLC-1E YU03-00648-YU03-00770 YF15V00001F2 YF15V00002F2 LQ32W00009F2
SK235SRNLC-1ES YU04-00801 ~ YF15V00001F2 YF15V00002F2 LQ32W00009F2
SK350-9 Tier 3 YC13U3001 ~ 84191834 84191794 87568031
SK485-9 Tier 3 1/13 ~ (Right) LS15V00029F1 LS15V00027F1 LS32W00016F1
SK485-9 Tier 3 1/13 ~ (Left) LS15V00028F1 LS15V00026F1 LS32W00016F1
SK70SR-2 YT06-18001 ~ YT15V00015F1 YT15V00016F1 YT32W00006F1
SK80CS LF01-00501-LF01-00861 YT15V00001F3 YT15V00005F2 YT32W00002F2
SK80CS-1E LF02-01001 ~ YT15V00001F3 YT15V00005F2 YT32W00002F2
SK80CS-1E LF03-01280 ~ YT15V00005F1 YT15V00005F2 YT32W00002F2
SK80CS-1E LF04-02001 ~ YT15V00001F3 YT15V00005F2 YT32W00002F2
SK80CS-1E LF02-01001-LF01279 YT15V00005F1 YT15V00005F2 YT32W00002F2
SK80CS-2 LF06-04501 ~ YT15V00015F1 YT15V00016F1 YT32W00006F1
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Model Serial Number Slew Drive Assbly Slew Motor Swing Gear Box
SR-3 Series 140SR-3 YH07-09001 ~ YY15V00028F1 YY15V00034F1 YY32W00004F1
140SR-3 Tier 4 YH07-09001 ~ YY15V00028F1 YY15V00034F1 YY32W00004F1
230SR-3 Tier 4 LA07-03001 ~ YB15V00018F1 YB15V00017F1 YB32W00012F1
260SR-3 Tier 4 YU07-04001 ~ YF15V00005F1 Please Call YF32W00005F1
75SR YT08-30001 ~ YT15V00015F3 Please Call YT32W00006F1



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