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Model Serial Number Main Pump Gear Pump Notes
Old Crawler Excavator
R130LC 11E6-1501 3803830583-1
R200LC ~ 1033 E111-1501 3803830583-1
R200LC 1034 - 1352 E111-5120 3803830583-1
R200LC 1353 ~ 31E1-03010 2902440-0396A
R280LC E211-1501 3803830583 NV Type
R280LC 31E2-03010 3803830583 K3V Type
R290LC 11E9-1501 3803830583-2
R320LC ~ 0737 11E5-1501 3803830583-1
R320LC 0738 ~ 31E5-03010 2902440-0397A
R420 31E7-4001 704-23-30601
3-Series Crawler Excavator
R55-3 ~ 1416 31M6-50031 H9116R7658-0
R55-3 1417 ~ 31M6-50031 720004
R130LC-3 ~ 0177 11E6-1501 3803830583-1
R130LC-3 0178 ~ 31E6-03010 2902440-0395A
R160LC-3 31EG-10010 2902440-0395A
R180LC-3 ~ 0555 11EK-15010 438217
R180LC-3 0556 ~ 11EK-15011
R200NLC-3 ~ 0002 11EK-15010 438217
R200NLC-3 0003 ~ 11EK-15011
R210 ECONO 31E1-03110 2902440-0396F
R210LC-3 31EM-10010 2902440-0396A
R210LC-3H ~ 0315 31EM-10010 2902440-0396A
R210LC-3H 0316 ~ 31EM-10140 718155
R250LC-3 31EN-10010 2902440-0396A
R290LC-3 ~ 0072 11E9-1501 3803830583-2
R290LC-3 0073 ~ 31E9-03010 2902440-0397A
R290LC-3H ~ 1221 31E9-03010 2902440-0397A
R290LC-3H 1222 ~ 31E9-03020 718156
R360LC-3 31EH-03010 2902440-0398A
R360LC-3H 31EH-03010 2902440-0398A
R450LC-3 34E7-00250 2902440-0398A
R540LC-3A 34E7-03650 2902440-0398C
7-Series Crawler Excavator
R15-7 XJDH-01447
R16-7 XJDH-01447
R22-7 XJDH-03655
R28-7 XJDH-02793
R35-7 XJDH-02794
R35-7Z 31MH-10010 XJDD-00692
R35Z-7A 31MH-10010 XJDD-00692
R36N-7 XJDH-03717
R55-7 31M8-10020 XJDD-01033
R55-7A 31M8-10020 XJDD-01033
R75-7 XJDH-01739 XJDH-02362
R80-7 31N1-10010 XJDD-00008 Type 1
R80-7 31Q1-10050 Type 2
R80-7A 31N1-10010 XJDD-00008 Type 1
R80-7A 31Q1-10050 Type 2
R110-7 31N3-10050 XJBN-00385
R110-7A 31N3-10060 XJBN-00385
R140LC-7 ~ 1682 31N3-10010 XJBN-00385
R140LC-7 1683 ~ 31N3-10011 XJBN-00922
R140LC-7A 31N4-10010 XJBN-00922
R160LC-7 ~ 0096 31N5-10010 XJBN-00385
R160LC-7 0097 ~ 31N5-10011 XJBN-00922
R160LC-7A 31N5-10030 XJBN-00922
R180LC-7 ~ 0071 31N5-10010 XJBN-00385
R180LC-7 0072 ~ 31N5-10011 XJBN-00922
R180LC-7A 31N5-10030 XJBN-00922
R210LC-7 31N6-10010 XJBN-00737
R210LC-7 31N6-10050 XJBN-00929
R210LC-7 31N6-10051 XJBN-00929
R210LC-7A 31N6-10080 XJBN-00929
R210LC-7H ~ 0685 31N6-10020 XKAH-00551
R210LC-7H 0686 ~ 31N6-10030 XJBN-00929
R210NLC-7 31N6-10010 XJBN-00747
R210NLC-7A 31N6-17010 XJBN-01128
R210LC-7 ~ 1000 31N6-10010 XJBN-00747
R210LC-7 1001-3220 31N6-10050 XJBN-00737
R210LC-7 3221 ~ 31N6-10051 XJBN-00929
R210LC-7A 31N6-10080 XJBN-00929
RC215C-7 31N6-10051 XJBN-00929
RC215LC-7H ~ 9067 31N6-10020 XKAH-00551
RC215LC-7H 9068 ~ 31N6-10030 XJBN-00929
R250LC-7 31N7-10010 XJBN-00737
R250LC-7 31N7-10011 XJBN-00929
R250LC-7A 31N7-10030 XJBN-00929
R290LC-7 ~ 0208 31N8-10010 XJBN-00520
R290LC-7 0209-1179 31N8-10050 XJBN-00847
R290LC-7 1180 ~ 31N8-10060 XJBN-00965
R290LC-7A 31N8-10080 XJBN-00965
R290LC-7H 31N8-10020 XKAH-00242
R300LC-7 31N8-10030 XJBN-00935
R305LC-7 ~ 1029 31N8-10011 XJBN-00520
R305LC-7 1030 ~ 31N8-10070 XJBN-00935
R320LC-7 31N9-10010 XJBN-00655
R320LC-7A 31N9-10010 XJBN-00655
R360LC-7 31NA-10010 XJBN-00520
R360LC-7A 31NA-10030 XJBN-00520
R370LC-7 31NA-10020 Type 1
R370LC-7 31NA-10021 Type 2
R450LC-7 ~ 0463 31NB-10010 XJBN-00747
R450LC-7 0464 ~ 31NB-10020 31NB-30020
R450LC-7A 31NB-10020 31NB-30020
R450LC-7A 31NB-10022 31NB-30020
R500LC-7 31NB-10020 31NB-30020
R500LC-7 31NB-10022 31NB-30020
R500LC-7A 31NB-10020 31NB-30020
R500LC-7A 31NB-10022 31NB-30020
R800LC-7A 31ND-10010 XJBN-01192
R800-7AFS 31ND-10010 XJBN-01192
9-Series Crawler Excavator
R16-9 31MJ-10010 XJDK-00124
R27Z-9 31MK-10010 XJDK-00138
R35Z-9 31MH-10010 XJDD-00692
R55-9 31M9-10030 XJDD-00792
R55-9S 31M9-10030 XJDD-00792
R60CR-9 31M9-10030 XJDD-00792
R80CR-9 31Q1-10010 XJDD-01183
R140LC-9 31Q4-10010 XJBN-01569
R140LC-9S 31Q4-10010 XJBN-01569
R145CR-9 31N4-10050 XJBN-01569
R160LC-9 31Q5-10010 XJBN-01569
R160LC-9S 31Q5-10010 XJBN-01569
R180LC-9 31Q5-10010 XJBN-01569
R180LC-9S 31Q5-10010 XJBN-01569
R210LC-9 31Q6-10010 XJBN-01196
R210LC-9 31Q6-10020 XJBN-01196
R210NLC-9 31Q6-10100 XJBN-01125
R210LC-9BC 31Q6-10050 XJBN-01196
R210LC-9BH 31Q6-10050 XJBN-01196
R235LC-9 31Q6-10010 XJBN-01196
R250LC-9 31Q7-10010 XJBN-01196
R260LC-9S 31Q7-10050 XJBN-01196
R290LC-9 31Q8-10010 XJBN-00965
R300LC-9S 31Q8-10030 XJBN-00965
R300LC-9SH 31Q8-10030 XJBN-00965
R320LC-9 31Q9-10010 XJBN-00847
R330LC-9S 31Q9-10030 XJBN-00847
R330LC-9SH 31Q9-10020 XJBN-00965
R360LC-9 31QA-10010 XJBN-01499
R380LC-9SH 31QA-10021 2902440-2520A
R480LC-9 31QB-10011 31QB-30130
R480LC-9S 31QB-10011 31NB-30020
R520LC-9 31QB-10011 31QB-30130
R520LC-9S 31QB-10011 31NB-30020
R800LC-9 31QD-10010 XJBN-01192
R1200-9 31QE-10010 31QE-30020
Old Wheel Excavators
R120W 11E3-1501
R130W ~ 0115 11E6-1501 3803830583
R130W 0116 ~ 31E6-03010 2902440-0395A
R200W2 293G4127-9N09 3803830583-1
3-Series Wheel Excavators
R55W-3 31M6-06012 722310
R95W-3 31EE-10010 H9116R7465-0
R130W-3 31EA-00200
R170W-3 ~ 0285 11EK-15010 438217
R170W-3 0286 ~ 11EK-15011
R200W-3 31ER-03010
7-Series Wheel Excavators
R55W-7 31M8-15020 XKAH-00860 T5VP2D25
R55W-7 31M8-15011 XJDD-00876 AP2D28
R55W-7A 31M8-15020 XKAH-00860
R140W-7 ~ 0389 31N4-15011 XJBN-00895
R140W-7 0390 ~ 31N4-15012 XJBN-00923
R140W-7A 31N4-15040 XJBN-00923
R170W-7 ~ 0091 31N5-15010 XJBN-00895
R170W-7 0092 ~ 31N5-15011 XJBN-00923
R170W-7A 31N5-15030 XJBN-00923
R200W-7 31N6-15010 XJBN-00841
R200W-7A 31N6-15310 XJBN-01125
9-Series Wheel Excavators
R55W-9 31M8-15021 XJDD-00876
R55W-9S 31M8-15021 XJDD-00876
R140W-9 31Q4-15020 XJBN-00923
R140W-9S 31Q4-15030 XJBN-00923
R170W-9 31Q5-15010 XJBN-00923
R170W-9S 31Q5-15030 XJBN-00923
R210W-9 31Q6-15010 XJBN-01125
R210W-9S 31Q6-15320 XJBN-01125

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