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Komatsu Final Drive - GFT92

PC95R-2 OEM Drive 




Final Drive's in stock to fit most Komatsu equipment.

We offer Genuine Komatsu final drives as well as OEM and FDC brand Aftermarket alternative drives.

We are proud to be the UK distributor of the Final Drive Center Brand of Final Drives. For more information about the Final Drive Center visit www.finaldrive.eu

Below is a list of some of the other Komatsu machines we may provide Final Drive solutions for

Further Details and prices are available on request

Final Drive Quote
Model Serial Start Serial Finish FD Part Number Gear Box Part Number Motor Part Number
CD30R-1 1061 1327 10S-60-21110 TZ546B1000-00 TZ546B200000CU
CD30R-1 1328 ~ 10S-60-21111 TZ591B1000-00 TZ587B200000CF
CD60R-1 1201 1800 13S-60-11210 UCB5110S9392-0
CD60R-1 1033    ¦    1800 1200    ¦    ~ 13S-60-11430 UCB5110S9475-0
CK20-1 F00003 ~ 37B-22-11410 RT1T215005590
CK25-1 F00003 ~ 37B-22-11410 RT1T215005590
CK30-1 F00003 ~ 37C-22-11410 RT1T215005590
CK35-1 F00003 ~ 37C-22-11410 RT1T215005590
HB205-1M0 10001 20Y-27-00590
MX09 8001 ~ 458-061 453-366
MX15 4001 ~ 453-361 453-367
MX27 5001 ~ 455-743
MX35 6001 ~ 458-083 453-368
MX352 6089 ~ 458-395
MX45 7001 ~ 453-360 453-018
MX502 7038 ~ 459-351

 *All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data


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